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About Our Barn...

Our new sales barn, was built in the spring of 2007, it is a reclaimed barn that was redesigned and reconstructed on our property.  

The barn that was originally 71' x 56' served The Garrett and The Weber families in Grove City, Pennsylvania for generations.  It was built in the late 19th century out of hand hewn timber (some sawn) and wood pinned joints.  The roof was covered with Vermont sea green slate.  

The barn needed to be taken down to make way for a modern clear-span barn.  The building had to be torn down, not burned because of the attached milking parlor.

The dismantling began in the fall of 2004 and it took an Amish crew of seven a couple of weeks to complete the task.  The slates and timbers were taken to Mercer, Pennsylvania and stored for three years.

The new barn is 30' x 40' and is designed with a roof which has a 12-12 pitch.  The same hand hewn timbers are built in a totally new design.  The roof was covered with the same Vermont sea green slate from the original building.  We also used copper ridge, gutters, drip edge, and down spouts.

The new structure has worked out very well as a display area, checkout, and headquarters.  The building is new, but also has history!